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Genesis of Organization

PROGRESSIVE AGENCY TO HUMANITY (PATH), which is a brainchild, was established in the year 2002 along with a group of likeminded people. Mr. Upadhyay, a professional social worker, is continuously working towards the human development by various techniques efficiently and effectively. The philosophies of Mahatma Gandhi and Vivekanand inspired him to relinquish the job, which confined him to cater the needs of his family only, and initiate a movement in the interest of underprivileged and have-nots of the society. Hence PATH came into being. This is the backdrop in which PATH come into existence. Philosophy of the organization is to establish equality, brotherhood and democratic values in the society and help the poorest of poor individuals, groups and communities, so that they gain capacity to help themselves and contribute in the building of the country and the society at large. The organization was recognized as a registered body under Societies Registration Act, 1860 in the year 2002.

The organization sees an autonomous communities with improved quality of life, with desired capacity and resources to mitigate its development barriers, having minimum exploitation, poverty and discrimination.

Creation of a new order in the society, in which people are aware and sensitized enough about their problems, needs, potentials and resources, have managerial and leadership capability and wiling to take initiative for betterment in their quality of life.

In pursuance of its stated mission statement the PATH has set the following objectives, for guiding its areas of efforts.

  • Improve the quality of life of the disadvantaged people by promoting self-sustainable sources of livelihood, and adopting the new technologies.
  • Enhance people's participation in the development process.
  • Preserve and generate natural resources.
  • Mobilization and management of local resources.
  • Organize community people to fight out the miseries in a collective and cohesive manner and develop local and regional networks.
  • Undertake special care for the development of the underprivileged groups, such as, women, children, minorities, etc.
  • Development community infrastructure and resources.
  • Undertake relevant research studies and development programs for the fulfillment of the said objectives.