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Operation Strategy

  • The organization has taken a stand on developing the internal capacities of the target communities and initiated a noble process of development at the rural grass root and community level. Revamping the rural economy is one of the major thrusts of the organization through which a true process of grass root level development may be initiated.
  • Development and support to the vulnerable children and helpless old people are another focus of the organization. Health, Nutrition, education, skill training, drinking water, sanitation and income generation are the different kinds of social support that the organization pledges to provide.
  • Sanitation, environment and safe drinking water programmes in the rural areas are need based and are taken up in order to promote overall hygiene and health status of the poor people in the rural areas.
  • Lastly, a true spirit of development requires a missionary zeal, commitment, fellow feeling and brotherhood irrespective of any consideration of caste, race, religion, language and sec. the organization feels that inculcation of the spirit of fellow feeling, nationalism, cultural consciousness is necessary for development and it has directed its efforts to this and from the very beginning of inception.