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Transit Migrant Intervention Programme

PATH has also been given the responsibility of implementing Transit Migrant Intervention Programme in the district Azamgarh.Uttar Pradesh.It includes providing information on risk and vulnerabilities of HIV/AIDS to spouses of migrants,out going of migrants(male and female) to UPSACS/NACO.The programme entails sensitization and involvement of local community and other stakeholders like officers of Dept.of Railways and Transport,rickshaw pullers,hawkers etc.We also provide monitoring and supervisory support and ensure reporting as per requirements of UPSACS.Last but not the least PATH ensure convergence of activities under Migrant Intervention with HRG TIs in the area. Our organization aims solely at women upliftment and child welfare because women progress leads to social progress. The organization aims to stand for better mental emotional and physical health of women by providing better services for nutrition reducing fertility better hygiene & care and also spread awareness about modern spacing methods, ANC care, infections during pregnancy (RTI, STI), ways to prevent such infection, much needed awareness about HIV and AIDS, Uterus and Breast cancer etc. and lastly to remove ignorance and myth in the minds of rural and urban BPL women. The organization also encourages women to boldly put forward their health related problems share their views and experiences and also boldly and confidently solved their problems with their own initiative by relating to health and clinical services provided by government is every nook and corner of the country. The organization is one of the links between rural and the urban poor and the government, it aims to realize governments aim of a healthy India in true sense.

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